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The Saratoga WordPress Framework is a simple, sensible framework designed to make your life as a developer easier. This system is designed for people with complex requirements and hundreds of pages, which was built and developed over years of WordPress projects. Kick-start each new website project with a solid foundation which you can customize to meet your own needs.

Why we made it

Early on at Mosaic Web, I realized that I needed a flexible, lightweight framework that I could tailor to my clients' needs.While WordPress is great for simple blogs, I needed a framework that could take it further: to a robust CMS framework on top of WordPress that was easy-to-use, fast to load, and flexible across dozens and dozens of pages. After years of internal use, for clients as diverse as musicians to higher-education institutions, it's finally time to release Saratoga.

Why you need it

A Solid Starting Point

Every website we build at Mosaic starts with the Saratoga template. We spin up a new WordPress installation, drop in the installation file, and start from there. We can develop twice as many websites as before, because we know exactly where we’re starting from every time.

Far from cramping our creativity, Saratoga allows for more and greater flexibility with each website project. When the basics are out of the way, there’s more time to work on design, information architecture, and custom features. Have you thought about adding Saratoga to your own workflow?

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Easily build a website with hundreds of pages

Saratoga is designed so that every page can have a unique layout and design. With the layout builder, you can spin up pages for ad campaigns, new ventures, or redesigns in only a few minutes.

Need something more than the preset layouts? The grid system lets you define your own layout for a chapter using a simple 12-column grid. The whole thing clocks in at only a few kb of CSS. Saratoga gives you all the tools you need to keep a complex website organized.

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Pre-Set Templates get you up and running

Saratoga is NOT a pre-composed premium template, but it does give you powerful design tools to differentiate your different pages. Saratoga comes with 5 pre-composed header templates, as well as two sub-navigation styles and several different chaptered layout options.

You can build extremely long individual pages, or incredibly complex series of nested sub-pages. Saratoga has breadcrumb navigation styles as well as in-page sub-navs which can be configured however you need.

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A Lightweight Foundation

The CSS core of Saratoga is as stripped-down and light-weight as it comes. Clocking in at under 35 kilobytes, you don’t need to worry about Saratoga dragging down your page performance.

Even with the tight requirements, Saratoga has everything that you need for a complex WordPress installation. The CSS is well-commented and modular, so you can remove anything you don’t need.

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Convinced? Let’s do it:

You can buy the Saratoga WordPress Framework at Creative Market. You’ll get access to any updates we make to the template (and we can tell you when we make them!), and you can also license Saratoga for bulk use across multiple installations (you know, exactly the sort of work that web designers do).
(Don’t feel like doing all the work? Hire Mosaic and we’ll take care of it › )

Buy Saratoga Now ($49)