Why churches don’t “get” marketing

“Church marketing.” The very phrase seems like a bad combination – like peanut butter and mustard. The numbers bear this out: six times as many people search for “business marketing” as “church marketing.” A lot of people seem hesitant to put these two things together: as if a church marketer is a used-car salesman trying to push the gospel on unsuspecting rubes. We care about church growth, but bring “marketing” into it and we back off. Read More

Your website is more than a billboard

Your website is not just a billboard: how to fix it and stop missing out on customers.
There is one big issue that almost every business owner misses about their website.  I’ve seen it again and again as I’ve worked with clients, and I’m sure I’ll continue seeing it for years to come. If you fix this, you’ll already set your website on a good track, and you’ll have saved thousands of dollars from not hiring a web consultant like me. Read More