Thoughts on Mastering Website Traffic Generation

I’ve never given much thought to website traffic generation. I make websites, I’m not responsible for sending people to them. However, this website is useless unless someone sees it. The lifeblood of any website is its traffic. I’m not responsible for generating traffic to my clients’ websites, but for their sake and my own, it’s a problem I think about often. How do we drive traffic to our websites? 

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A History of Mosaic Web Studios

Looking back at ten years of web design

“Every website tells a story,” my homepage proclaims. Well, here’s a story for you. I can only do one thing. And I’ve never worked a job that’s not web design.

It’s true – while most kids get their start flipping burgers or busing tables, I sold my first website project to a client in ninth grade. I got into web design just as HTML tables were being phased out, and I had my own Geocities page. I had started half a dozen websites by the time I finished ninth grade.

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How to find a clear purpose for your website

Let’s talk about your website. It can do a lot of things. And your business is complex: it has a lot of needs. Focusing your website, and finding a clear purpose to hone in on, is one of the most important tasks ahead of you.

When you have a clear purpose for your website, everything on the website either achieves or doesn’t achieve that goal. Now, you have a filter to run every piece of content through, helping you to prioritize what’s important and what’s not.

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Getting the Most out of Website Builders

A few tips before you build your own website.

There have always been free (or cheap) ways to get your website out to the world. Remember AngelFire? GeoCities? Free website hosting? Free domain names with advertising? Blogger and TypePad? Microsoft FrontPage? (Disclaimer: I did use all of these at one time or another)

Now, in 2019, it’s easier than ever before to create your own website. And unlike the above services, well, you actually have a lot of good options. But is this the right step for you to take with your business?

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Building Content for your Audience

I spend a lot of time thinking about how to tell people things. A website, that’s all it is: a creative way to communicate something; anything. Whether it’s an ad for a new product you’re trying to sell, an informative resource you hope is shared a million times, or a personal blog post on a portfolio website, any website should be communicating to its audience. Otherwise, it’s a failure. Effective messaging only comes when you care about your audience. Here are a few ways to improve your website’s content and focus on your audiences.

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Get Started with Social Media for your Business

There’s a deluge of fluffy social media content out there: ask just about anyone, and they’ll admit that information overload is a real struggle in 2019. I define “fluffy content” as anything that users don’t really want to see, but ends up in their timeline anyways: things like paid ads, veiled “content” that’s really an ad, and meaningless posts from their latest friend to take up home entrepreneurship.

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How to tell stories with your websites

Developing Calls-to-Action for your Website –

I finished NaNoWriMo today – for those of you who’ve never heard of it, the challenge is to write a full novel in the month of November (or 50,000 words total of writing). I finally wrote The End after 46,048 words. How is this relevant to websites?

Well, like I say in the very middle of the homepage, a good website tells a story. In many ways, your website is a lot like a book: you must entice someone to glance at it, and then you must pull them in with carefully crafted hooks that pique their interest. A book is, after all, just a sales pitch from the moment someone flips it over in Barnes and Noble to read the back cover.

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5 Steps to Build A Content Strategy for your Website

As a website owner, creating website content can be one of the most difficult tasks you face. Without a structured content plan, it’s difficult. Whether you build your own website, or have an expert design it, you’re still going to be faced with the need for content: lots and lots of content. Frequent content updates keep your website fresh, and turn visitors into returning visitors, who turn into customers. Regular new content is the holy grail of building a website; and with a content strategy you can do it easily:

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3 Ways to Build Your Own Website (and save cash)

We get it: sometimes the budget just isn’t there to justify a custom-built, tailored website. Not every business is in a place where it can afford to invest in a premium website. Or maybe you’re a startup, and every penny counts. Regardless, there are still options out there! Here are three ways you can build your own website for cheap: Read More

How to invest in your website without an expensive redesign

If you inquire to a lot of advertising and marketing agencies, many of them will recommend a fresh coat of paint for your whole online identity. Most will try to sell you on the idea that your current website is outdated, and a new website will fix all your problems. Read More