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About Andrew Joyce

(Yes, I social)

My name is Andrew Joyce: I have a passion for communicating. When I was a kid, my parents couldn’t get me to stop talking. Since I was young I’ve used the computer, the page, and my own words to spill my brain out on an unsuspecting world. I’ve learned my craft organically, and have a solid and practical understanding of web design.

My design philosophy is honest and straightforward. Though I do use tools for my job, I take pride in being very close to the code that I develop. For you, that means a light-weight website that doesn’t include unnecessary features, but meets your needs specifically. My passion for telling stories always overflows into my website work, as I seek to tell your story through the medium of a website. I’ve always been passionate about showcasing excellent content and telling stories with the websites I design.

I’ve lived in Kansas City, MO since 2015, and I’m married to Alisha Joyce (the beautiful lass dancing around me in the picture above); we’re currently in the process of adopting our first child. I attend New City Church of Kansas City. I’m an avid board gamer and host a weekly game night for our friends. I also blog and write reviews at Into the Book. My favorite movie is That Thing You Do.

About Mosaic

Mosaic Web began in the summer of 2009 as a freelance website design business. From the beginnings of Mosaic, I worked at One Town Creative and Sheepish Design in Minneapolis, MN during 2013-2014. I then moved to Kansas City, where I was the lead web designer/developer for Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary from 2015-2018. Now, we’re back at again here at Mosaic. Since June 2018, I’ve relaunched Mosaic Web as a web and marketing consultancy, building on my ten years of experience in various positions throughout the industry. In addition to freelance clients, I currently work in a consulting role for both Honeystreet and Mere Agency.

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