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Focus on what you need to get done,
not on fiddling with a calendar.

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The problem:

The Palm Datebook program

Outlook and other desktop calendar programs are too bloated for day-to-day use. Users need a quick and simple calendar: like the Datebook on Palm OS. But Palm OS is unuseable in today's day and age. The task: create a calendar that matches Palm Datebook in simplicity and ease of use, while still being compatible with new standards like sync and multiple-device support.

Too complicated

Initial Development

Concept 1 Concept 2 Concept 3

I was not quite satisfied with my first attempts. While solid, they did not do very much more than replicate the PalmOS interface. The program window was bigger than it needed to be, and I didn't take into consideration the UX of ideas like the new event dialogue. I wanted to avoid repackaging Palm's (successful, but small-screened) UX. Instead, I tried again to reform the idea for best use on the computer. This time around, I tried to leverage the larger screen space of the computer by using modals over explicit screens. The side benefit of this approach was that it allowed the main program window to be small, lean, and mean.

Final Result

Main Docket App

Add an Event in Docket

The Create Event modal is small and unobtrusive, so that you can quickly add your event and then get back to work. Dead-simple, but beautiful and easy to use.

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Interested in Helping?

Give me a shout-out on my contact form if you're interested in helping to make this app a reality

Further Ideas

My third design of the app followed a Windows-8 style focus, in hopes of releasing a Metro app. I would like to release both desktop and Metro versions of Docket concurrently.

Docket Metro 6 Docket Metro 4 Docket Metro 3
Docket Metro 2 Docket Metro 1 Docket Metro 5

Docket is currently being redesigned to account for Windows 10 and will be released within the next year.