Social Boilerplate Iconset

the social boilerplate

I bet you that 90% of a web designer's time is spent creating those stupid social media icons. Well, maybe not, but it definitely seems that way. And while there's an abundance of iconsets out there, I couldn't find a simple, vector iconset to use as a starting point when I need to develop icons. So this is the social boilerplate. It's a really simple set, designed for you to use as a jumping-off point in your own projects, not as a finished set in itself. Though, like Twitter Bootstrap, if you drop it in plain, it'll still look pretty good.

This iconset is released into the public domain, or at least as far as I can release it. To clarify, all the logos and branding are copyright their respective companies, but the work itself is completely public domain. Do whatever you want with it. I'd appreciate attribution back here to Mosaic, but it's not required. Just go make beautiful stuff.

Download the .psd

If you can extract it, the .7z file is smaller