Every website tells a unique story.

How can we tell yours?

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A website is more than blocks of text: it’s a platform for your message. Just like the tiles of a mosaic, a website tells a story. We will work with you to tell a story with your content, drawing many pieces into a coherent whole. The result will be a beautiful & modern website that emphasizes your message.

The Work Process

  1. Ideas & Planning

    Before we design or code anything, we will meet with you to plan content and create a roadmap. By getting to know you, we ensure that your message shines. We will lay the foundation for a brand that fits you perfectly.

  2. Design & Refining

    In this stage, we will work on the website’s design, and talk with you to come up with a look for your website that tells your story. Interaction with you is key to coming up with a design that matches what you have to say.

  3. Code & Launching

    We bring your website to life as we code. Whether it’s Wordpress, Squarespace, or a static web page, we build it to completion. Once we’ve launched it to the world, we offer lifetime support. Guaranteed.

About Me

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My name is Andrew Joyce: I have a passion for beautiful design. Since I was young I’ve used the computer to spill my brain out onto a virtual canvas; through this process of growing up, I’ve learned organically, and have a solid and practical understanding of web design. I have ample experience both with freelance and agency work, and the Squarespace and Wordpress platforms.

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Excellent service! Andrew took my list of requirements and molded them into something unique that fits my needs perfectly. He was quick to make adjustments and always cheerful in communication. I regret that I don't have another blog for him to redesign!

Image of Aubrey Hansen Aubrey Hansen Independent Author

Andrew has an innate sense of style and programming prowess. With very little input from myself (other than it needs to work as well as it currently does) he not only rewrote the entire web site, but simplified the upkeep of it and brought it up to HTML5 standards. The resulting web site is both beautiful and functional, handling over three quarters of a million visitors each month.

Image of Rick Meyers Rick Meyers e-Sword Creator

I needed something that would communicate to my readers that I'm serious about blogging. Andrew Joyce was a very responsive designer incorporating my suggestions, but advised me as to what design elements were best for reaching my goals as a blogger. I would highly recommend Andrew and Mosaic Web Studios to anyone looking for design work for websites.

Image of Bryan Bryan Blogger and writer