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My name is Andrew Joyce: I have a passion for beautiful design. Since I was young I've used the computer to spill my brain onto a virtual canvas; I learned design and development organically, by trial and error and lots of practice. I have ample experience with freelance work (4 years) and agency work (1 year). Currently, I am the full-time web designer/developer for Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, where I have worked for two years.

I currently live in Kansas City, Missouri. In addition to my full-time role, I do freelance work in a moonlighting role, and previously worked as a designer-developer at OneTown Creative, a Minneapolis-based web design agency.

I've always been passionate about showcasing excellent content and telling stories with the websites I design. I love living and the beautiful Creation we live in. In a way, my passion for telling stories has overflowed into my web design work, as I seek to tell your story through the medium of a website. Interested in hiring me to get your website done?

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Wordpress is the most popular content management system for a reason. It's super flexible, and very powerful if you need it to be. I have years of experience in making Wordpress easy-to-use for clients.

Responsive by Design

I strongly believe that content should be accessible to everyone. All of my websites are coded responsively, so that the site reacts fluidly to any screen size. Try resizing your browser on this page!


Squarespace is a flexible, easy-to-use content management system, and I am proficient in working with it, both in customizing a template website, or building you a custom website from the ground up.


Eventually, websites change. I get that. All of the sites I develop, whether Wordpress, Blogger, or Squarespace, feature integrated customization options so that you can tweak your site as necessary.


I use Photoshop as a mood board for producing the desktop-size design of your website. From there, I will work in the browser to develop the remainder of the design in line with the .psd mood board.


HTML5 gives us a lot more freedom as we develop websites. We code for accessibility and best practices, so that anyone, anywhere, can access your website. Your message is important, and we make that clear.


Blogger is the simplest and easiest to use content management system out there. If you need a simple blog or website, there's no better place to look. Also, we integrate our sites with the Blogger Template Designer.


CSS3 enables us to use rich animation and support ground-breaking layout features that weren't possible before. All of our sites are developed with mobile-first CSS to enable lightning-fast load times on mobile.

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