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A website is like an intricate mosaic: all about communication. Your website needs to tell a story, just as the million tiny tiles of a mosaic form a complete picture and story. I’m passionate about telling your story, using the medium of the web to make a design that draws many pieces into a coherent whole. The final result is a website that emphasizes what you have to say and looks beautiful and modern.

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How I Tell Your Story

  • Careful Planning

    When a true author writes a book, he begins with a plan. It's the same with websites. First, I'll start by getting to know you or your business, so that your uniqueness wil shine out through the design. This helps me to lay the foundation of a brand that matches you perfectly. Before we write 'Once Upon a Time,' I already have an idea of where we're going with your design.

  • Creation

    Ask any writer what his favorite part of writing and invariably he'll say 'actually writing the book.' In this stage, we work on the design of your website and dialogue with you to come up with a look for your website that tells your story perfectly. As before, interaction with you is key to come up with a web design that matches you and what you have to say.

  • Coding & Launching

    Coding is the last step. In this stage, we take the design and wrap it around Blogger, Wordpress, or a traditional website, and make the entire thing come alive in your web browser. Then, all of the hard work pays off when we launch your website to the world. And unlike an author, whose job is done once he sells the book, we stick around to give lifetime support. Guaranteed.

Who Makes this Stuff?

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My name is Andrew Joyce: I have a passion for beautiful design. Since I was young I've used the computer to spill my brain onto a virtual canvas; through this process of growing up, I've learned organically, and have a more solid understanding of what web design is all about than if I'd learned it in a classroom. If my lack of a degree bothers you, judge by my portfolio if I'm the right designer for you.

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Recommendations & Testimonials

Excellent service! Andrew took my list of requirements and molded them into something unique that fits my needs perfectly. He was quick to make adjustments and always cheerful in communication. I regret that I don't have another blog for him to redesign!

~Aubrey Hansen

I'm very pleased with the work that Mosaic Web Studios did for me. As a blogger just trying to get started, I needed something that would communicate to my readers that I'm serious about blogging. Andrew Joyce was a very responsive designer incorporating my suggestions, but at the same time advising me as to what design elements were best for reaching my goals as a blogger. I would highly recommend Andrew and Mosaic Web Studios to anyone looking for design work for websites.

~Bryan Jay

Andrew has a good eye for design, and a good work ethic. I am proud to be his friend, and I enjoy working with him.

~Jay Lauser

I couldn't believe how well Andrew was able to take what I had in mind for my website and make it a beautiful reality! The site is just what I wanted, not only lovely, but easy for someone as inexperienced as me to use. I've also been immensely pleased with the support that he's continued to give, helping me improve the site and fix a couple little problems. I would definitely use Mosaic Web again!

~Grace Pennington